How Not to Get Lost – Part 2

Rescue responses can be greatly delayed due to weather, and avalanche conditions. Rescue may not be possible late in the day or during extreme weather events.

Whistler SAR would like to remind people that often they will not be reported missing early enough in the day to launch a search, and therefore stand a very good chance of spending the night out.

Many tracks have been spotted from the air from people in precarious situations off the backside of Whistler mtn. Many of the incidents have gone largely unreported probably because no one knew they were out there. Orient yourself using google earth and get a good overview of the topography of the Whistler area. High resolution imagery is available so if you want to scope that new line plan your trip using google earth.

Please review Whistler Blackcomb’s mountain signage before heading out. This important information can be found here…Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Signage